Monday, January 26, 2009

Met Monday

Is it Monday again already? I thought I'd share the church pew I fixed up, or really just cleaned up. I got it at an estate auction, and it was filthy. My dad just shook his head when I said I was going to bid on it. He has no vision, but he has muscles, that's why I take him along. He helps me load all my new found junk. He always tells people he is my pack mule, but secretly he enjoys junk as much as I do. Anyways, here are the before pics...
I gave it a good scrubbing with just good 'ole soap and water, and then I just used Murphy's Oil. Check out the difference the Oil made...And here is the after. It could still use some work, but it's good enough for now...

Check out a bunch of great transformations or should I say, Metamorphis' at Between Naps on the Porch.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A quick project..

On our last trip to Canton really admired all the layered crosses. They were all different styles and colors. So while I was there I got the supplies to make my own variation. That's the great thing about Canton, you can buy just about anything and everything... So I bought an unfinished wooden cross, and a smaller iron one. I painted the edges and then used spray adhesive to put some scrapbook paper on the front, and waalaa....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Studio makeover....

I am lucky enough to have a room that I can use for a studio. It quickly turned into a store room and was always a mess. So for the last week I have been working like a mad dog getting it organized and tried to make it pretty. So these first pics are kinda scary. Here are the before pics...

So I got everything organized. I got a hutch top for one cabinet, brought in blanket chest from another room, and a chifferobe I got at an estate auction. So now it was time to paint the furniture. I've always like black furniture. So I went and painted the chest and hutches black. Beware it's scary.... Yikes.

So then I looked around for inspiration for a new color and came across this box that I had partially painted in a class I took with Rosemary West. I never finished it, but love the color combo's. It's supposed to look somewhat like an old embroidered piece.

So I next painted my hutches a bright turquoisey color. The blanket chest I painted heirloom white and then antiqued slightly. I like the room much better now. The blinds are getting replaced this week. I'll explain the brown spots on them later.

I used half of a set of bi-fold closet doors to hide some ugly shelves.

This is the chifferobe. I still need to paint it. Any color suggestions? I'm thinking white. I got this for $15.

The new window seat already has Mr. Miyagi's seal of approval. Okay now I'll explain the blinds. Can you see the burn mark on the blinds right by Miyagi's ear? You're thinking I got a candle too close right? Nope it and several spots were caused by the good 'ole hot Texas sun. I had dark brown suitcauses on top those plastic cabinets, and the sun reflected off of it, through the blinds I might add, and almost caught the blinds on fire.

So anyways here is my new work space. Hope you enjoyed the tour. I am sure glad I am done. Now on to more adventures.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One big Pom, One small Pom

So my Mom got a new dog, a pomeranian named Bella. She was rescued of the streets in California by my brother's girlfriend. They weren't able to find her owners, so she they brought her to Mom for Christmas. I have the world's largest pom, Avery. We knew he was big, but we didn't realize how big until Bella arrived.

So here is little Bella sleeping in her little dog bed.

Avery says see I'm not so big, I can fit in a small dog bed. He did this by himself, I might add. Reminds me of the Fat guy in a little coat scene from the movie Tommy Boy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

White Cabinet

I like this time of year because I get to slow down a bit and work on some projects that have been put on the back burner. I got this white cabinet at an estate sale about 6 months ago. When saw it from a distance I knew I had to have it, but then I noticed one end was missing...
Then I circled behind and saw the back was finished with the same wood and trim as the front and other side, so I am hoping to be able to use this to redo the side and maybe the top.

Hopefully I'll get to post pics of the finished cabinet soon.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Top Ten of 2008

The Roost is having a new years party where you share your top ten pictures. Thinking about my year, I didn't have a lot of pics to share. So I going to share a mixture of pictures and adventures....
Seeing the play Wicked for the second time, and scoring tickets to see it again in San Antonio this June.
Seeing the Divine Bette Midler in Vegas!
Having a three great shows this year.
Getting to work in my yard with my side kick.
Getting a new exterior put on my house while I was gone to Vegas.
Sneaking in a cat nap or two.

The highlight of the year was WINNING a coulinary adventure to San Fransisco, and getting to take my cousin with me.

This is probably my favorite pic of the year. During our night out with the food critic, the candle holder reminded she and I of Krypton (Superman's home.)
Another pretty pic from our trip, this was taking at an awesome farmer's market in from of the Ferry Building. I've never see or eaten so many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables.
And last but not least I finally got my scooter I've been wanting for years.